On Becoming Stephanie Browning…


When Susan Brown and I began writing Outbid by the Boss, our first co-authored romance, we quickly realized that not only did we need to find a “new” voice, we needed to create a single point-of-view.

Enter Stephanie Browning!  The perfect nom de plume.  One part Anne, and one part Susan.

It was like magic.  Only slightly complicated by the fact we don’t live in the same country, or even the same time zone.  The good news is…I get to sleep in!

Business turns personal in…


Outbid by the Boss

A contemporary romance


When Chas Porter catches Samantha Redfern bidding on an antique candlestick that rightfully belongs to him, he’s furious!  She should be in New York, not flying solo at an estate auction north of London.

But this is no ordinary candlestick; it’s the perfect mate to the only possession of worth Sam’s beloved grandparents took when they fled England.  She has no idea it’s part of a larger collection Chas will do almost anything to recover.  Even if it means luring Miss Redfern to Porter Hall…


“History and mystery mingle with a great romance…impossible to put down!”  Carole Tanner

“Great characters, rich history, steamy parts were lovely!  More, please!”  Barbara Stolzenburg

“A tale of passion, obstinacy and grandeur with more than a hint of intrigue!  I loved it!”  Carol E. Vidal


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Romance isn’t on the agenda until…


Undone by Star

A contemporary romance


As heir-apparent to one of London’s most exclusive hotels, Alexis Kirkwood is determined to uphold the family tradition.  But when American film star Marc Daniels saunters through the lobby of The Sadler Hotel, her professionalism takes a hit.  First, she mistakes him for a plumber in his scruffy jeans and work boots.  And then her grandmother, The Sadler’s matriarch, plays matchmaker.  When she learns Marc shares her late husband’s interest in military history, she insists Alex take him to Portobello Road.

Although romance is clearly not on the agenda, Marc finds himself confiding in the prickly Miss Kirkwood.  He is tired of being typecast as a Hollywood action hero, and has come to England to direct his first film.  As they prowl the antique markets hunting for a lead soldier in the Dragoon’s blue uniform, a surprising intimacy develops…


“Vivid imagery, engaging characters….  Undone by the Star  had me at Chapter One!”     Nina Durfee

“Romance with sizzle!”  Sandy Anderson


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