An awesome way to reach new readers while you finish that next book…


With Love Me Now, Love Me Forever, our first Stephanie Browning boxed set now on sale, Susan and I are thrilled to be sharing our co-authored romances with a wider audience.

So while we work on our next book, we hope you’ll enjoy our first three titles, Outbid by the Boss, Making Up is Hard to Do, and Undone by the Star, featuring alpha males with all the necessary qualities — like well-toned abs and killer smiles — and the strong-willed, independent women who refuse to settle for anything less than the real deal.



When Chas Porter catches Samantha Redfern bidding on an antique candlestick that rightfully belongs to him, he’s furious! But this is no ordinary candlestick; it’s the perfect mate to the only possession of worth Sam’s grandparents took when they fled England. One that Chas is desperate to recover.


If she’d known Jack Rutherford would walk back into her life, more ruggedly handsome than the day he left, Nicki Hamilton would have stayed in Toronto and left the past where it belonged. But he owes her. Big time. For fifteen years of silence, a dozen unanswered letters, and one broken teenaged heart.


As heir-apparent to London’s most exclusive hotel, Alexis Kirkwood has spent her life preparing for the top job. But when she mistakes American film star Marc Daniels for a plumber, the sparks fly. An intense intimacy develops…until Marc’s celebrity gets in the way and hijacks Alex’s carefully-laid plans.


Love Me Now, Love Me Forever is now available on Kobo and Kindle, and iBooks.