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Author of mystery novels for young readers, short stories, reviews and articles for an older audience, and contemporary romance — with a dash of history and a happily-ever-after every time!



Funny how life turns out because, other than a naively romantic notion that being a foreign correspondent would be cool, I had no plans to actually be a writer. But when it came time to choose a university, typical teenager that I was, I went for the one furthest from home.


Journalism has served me well – or at least, kept me semi-employed for years while I dabbled in fiction, raised a family, and worked freelance. Turns out it’s a career for life!




Stephanie Browning is the pen name I share with long-time friend and co-author Susan Brown.  Together, we’ve written three contemporary romances as Stephanie Browning all of which appear in Love Me Now, Love Me Forever our first boxed set!

And then there’s The Boy She Left Behind!

A New Adult novel, slightly racier, definitely romantic and now available on Kindle .







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From Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie to Michael Connelly and J.K. Rowling (w/a Robert Galbraith), I’ve always loved a good mystery. — as long as I get a chance to “crack the case,” and write my own!

Revenge With A Twist

Three mystery shorts, three twists in the tale…


From a deadly divorce in Bitter End to an “almost-perfect” crime in Bermuda Short, this collection delivers a fresh twist in every tale!  And finally answers the question everyone’s been asking…Oscar Chump!  “What’s that secret you’re keeping?”

“Stephenson reveals just the right amount of detail to keep her readers intrigued and hungry for more.  Love her characters, love her endings.  But I’d think twice about going to Bermuda with her!”

Revenge With A Twist now available on:  Kobo & Amazon &  Apple Books

It was two o’clock in the morning on the eleventh of August and no one, except Louise Tellier Hannington Brown, had any idea where I was.

She’d called me out of the blue a week ago, unhappy with her lawyer, her husband’s lawyer and her impending divorce.  I should have hung up immediately but we’d known each other since high school and I owed her one…  Excerpt from Bitter End

The Mad Hacker

An Amber and Elliot Mystery


Ash Grove Junior High goes on high alert when Liz Elliot and Amber Mitchell discover they’ve been hacked! They won’t be able to enter Eastern Technology’s programming contest and neither will anyone else! When their friend Jonathan becomes the prime suspect, Amber & Elliot are determined to clear his name. But if they don’t find out who the real hacker is, it’s game over.

Just as Amber stretched out her hand to turn on the computer, they heard the fire door slam at the end of the hall. Someone was coming!
“Hurry,” whispered Liz. “They’re heading this way!”
The footsteps were getting nearer. Amber jumped up, and grabbed her jacket.
The two girls dove for cover behind the filing cabinets in the far corner of the room, frantically pressing back into the shadows…

What started as a school prank turns deadly as Amber & Elliot race to unmask the Mad Hacker — before it’s too late!   Available on:  Kobo & Amazon & Apple Books

Something’s Fishy at Ash Lake

An Amber and Elliot Mystery



Part time detectives and full time mischief-makers Liz Elliot & Amber Mitchell get themselves in way over their heads when an evil prankster threatens their summer vacation.  They should be roasting marshmallows, not risking their lives!

“Amber!”  Liz clutched Amber’s arm.  “Did you hear something?”

The two girls stood perfectly still, ears straining, hearts thumping through the darkness…

A shadow slipped across the floor.  Soft footsteps sounded from the far side of the kitchen.  The girls cowered against the wall.  They could see feet, then legs.  Moonlight silhouetted a dark figure by the door…

If they’re not careful, Amber & Elliot’s two-week stay at Ash Lake computer camp could be their last…ever!

Available in paperback & eBook editions at: Amazon.com,  Kobo & Apple Books

The Secret of the Lost Diamonds

An Amber and Elliot Mystery


In a last-ditch effort to save his family home, Henry Hamilton agrees to host a writers’ conference at Ash Manor. On one condition — he wants super sleuths Amber Mitchell and Liz Elliot to find the famous Hamilton diamonds before it’s too late!

The stakes are high from the moment they walk in the door. With mystery writers looking for the perfect plot, and their friends Craig and Jonathan skulking in the shadows, Amber & Elliot take to the secret passageways in search of the precious jewels…

“Where are we?” Amber whispered.

“We must be in the family wing,” Liz said softly.

The girls stared at the old-fashioned furnishings: paintings in gilt frames, a pair of plush sofas, and two leather wing chairs facing a fireplace. “I bet no one’s been in here for years,” breathed Amber, taking a step forward.

Suddenly Liz choked out a scream. Amber clutched her throat. They watched in horror as a hand slowly reached out from behind the chair…

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The Mysterious Mr. Moon

A Coach House Kids’ Adventure


Nobody, but nobody comes to stay in Maple Bay after September, so when a mysterious stranger checks into their parents’ inn and starts nosing around, Allison and Peter Martindale are naturally suspicious. And worried. The 100-year-old Coach House Inn is already losing money and if Mr. Moon’s a bad guy, the Martindales risk losing it all.
There’s only one thing to do — spy on Mr. Moon!

Peter and Allison crept as close as they dared.
Mr. Moon was crouched at the base of a large tree searching for something. Fascinated, the Martindales watched as he pulled a small paper bag out of his jacket and filled it with whatever it was he’d found. Then he suddenly stood up and turned around, his flashlight casting weird shadows across the ground in front of him.
“Hurry up!” hissed Peter. “We have to get off the path!” They slipped into the undergrowth as quietly as possible and hid behind a clump of bushes as the light came steadily toward them.

A Mystery With A Comic Twist!

The Mysterious Mr. Moon is available on Kobo & Kindle & Apple Books.

An old gold mine, missing shares and a 13-year-old super sleuth…


Paper Treasure

A Charlie Bradford Mystery


Spending the summer months in Colville with his little brother trailing around behind him is not exactly Charlie Bradford’s idea of a good time… but when someone steals his late grandfather’s shares in The Treasure Creek Gold Mine and then tries to trick the other owners into selling theirs, Charlie is hopping mad…

His grandfather believed in that mine.

Joining forces with new friend Lisa Kirby, Charlie tracks down his grandfather’s old partners only to find a thief who will stop at nothing to get his hands on The Treasure Creek Gold Mine!

Available in paperback and eBook editions at:  Amazon.comAmazon.ca

And on sale now at:  Kobo & Apple Books