It’s “Christmas in July” and I’m in the mood for snow!



Not because it’s 31 Celsius outside, but because I’m writing a new novel, a holiday romance with all the trimmings.

Complete with a picturesque village, an old stone cottage, and two unattached people destined to fall in love.

For journalist Ellie Carstairs, the cottage she inherited from her late grandmother is the perfect retreat for the holidays. She can finish the article she’s been working on, have dinner at the Coach House Inn on Christmas Eve, and then curl up in front of the fire with a good book.

Everything goes to plan until a last-minute guest arrives in Maple Bay, leaving Ellie’s friend Hannah Jeffries, the Inn’s owner, in a panic. But not for long.

Ellie’s table will have to become a table for two. And just like that, she finds herself sitting across from a handsome stranger.

But who is Ryan Harper and what’s he doing in Maple Bay?

I know, but Ellie doesn’t yet, and with Christmas only six months away, I’ll be busy, breaking their hearts and then putting them back together again!

Having grown up around the Great Lakes – my family had a cottage on Lake Huron for nearly 30 years – most of my books for young readers are set in small-town Ontario. A Maple Bay Christmas continues the tradition.

I must be on the right track; I found myself humming jingle bells at the beach the other day!